Contemporary site designs showcasing interactive effects and dynamic html coding to provide a high impact, professional web presence. Focusing on design solutions and web development of e-commerce and infomercial web sites, enhancing user experience and e-business branding.

XBox Games - A single product display featuring a drop down navigation menu, which is accessed by rolling your mouse over the top menu, and embedded 'pop-up' layers to display screen shots for the game, without the surfer being overloaded with additional browser windows.
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Art Prints - Modern styling and design combine to promote high quality art prints. With extensive biographical information and painting examples, this showcase site focuses on Salvadore Dali and features a mouseover image gallery of the artist.
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Las Vegas Hotels - Wedding information for the leading, high class, Las Vegas hotels. Designed to appeal to couples looking for a touch of luxury on their special day, and features a Macromedia Flash movie animation which highlights the charming setting. Traditional 'pop-up' windows complete the look for the chosen hotel, which are available by clicking the round icons below the hotel description.
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Vaio Online - Uncluttered, style conscious design for laptop and desktop computers. With the collapsible menu system on the left hand side, the design of the site is kept clean and smart in keeping with the image of the online store. By clicking the + or - , your surfers can expand or collapse the menu system, enabling easy navigation to any model available.
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Charisma - Stylish, high class product catalogue from the finest make-up suppliers. Featuring an department picture menu down the left side, a central product image and description with cross referencing for related items and available colour shades.
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Digital Imaging Effects - Charisma features digital photo imaging techniques to create high impact, high definition make-up on the model.
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Ladies Shirts - Web site promoting luxury, feminine ladies shirts from leading manufacturers. Enhanced with url forwarding for external links to hide affiliate specific url information, while the surfer still sees which site he or she is visiting. Features highly specialised search engine optimisation, aimed specifically at the new Microsoft search engine.
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Cheap Shops UK - Specialising in promoting only the top shops for each directory listing, to provide excellent conversion ratios and limit 'surfer overload' by reducing unnecessary information.
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UKBoom - Suite of web directory sites, providing surfers with a complete one stop solution for their internet shopping. Comprising a general shopping directory, backed up by three topic specific directories for clothes, gardening and diy shops.

Developed over three years and featuring an easy to use navigation system, which enables fast browsing over hundreds of directory pages. Simple, fast loading design targeted to appeal to both broadband and narrowband dialup surfers. All shop links open in the same browser window, avoiding screen clutter and enhancing surfer retention.

All the sites feature bright, colourful designs and specifically targeted copy writing for search engine optimisation, focused on mail order. Targeted search engine listings direct surfers to the most relevant directory, increasing sales conversions, bookmarking and surfer retention.
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